March Loves

Hey Beauts!

It’s election day in Nigeria! Will you/Did you plezz ya hand?

Today, AB and I are sharing with you a collective list of the things that we discovered and/or fell in love with in March.

In no particular order:

1. Ackee & Saltfish

I love this web series by Cecile Emeke. It follows the stories of two bestfriends Olivia & Rachel. Their exchanges are so funny (Olivia is a case!!) and episodes are 5 minutes long, very good for my limited 3rd world Internet. A new episode airs every Sunday at 5pm, GMT

2. Banana Bread

I would have said baking, but the only thing I can bake now is banana bread. I fell in love with this a few months ago, and I made mine with my two hands from scratch last month. It’s all I’ve baked ever since.

3. Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise

I think I like ‘IDFWU’ a weeeee bit more than I should. So after singing this for months, I finally decided to get the album, which happens to be Big Sean’s 3rd. So many times I’ve bumped this with no skips, from beginning to end. Listened to quite a few albums this month and Seanny boy did it for me. Love. 

4. To Pimp A Butterfly

I have never paid attention to Kendrick Lamar’s music until now. This album is genius, I think. I think I’ve listened to it everyday in the last two weeks.

5. Chris Messina

Chris Messina. Chris Messina. My new celebrity crush. I met him at the beginning of the month, when I saw his Indie movie 28 Hotel Rooms. It’s based on an unrealistic premise (aren’t half of them?) but I liked it. Very interesting stuff. These 2 people hooked up one time at a hotel they were both staying at, and they made it a habit to meet everytime they were out of their cities, for work. She was married, he later got married. It got really complicated of course- and ended neither here nor there. But the story and the elements in it are a full discussion for another day. Last week, I saw season 1 of The Mindy Project which is heeeelarious by the way! To my great delight, he’s a regular on the show. Whoop!

6. Stacey Kent

AB said that if I made music, I’d probably sound like her. That’s probably why I love her so much! There’s something about her voice that makes me feel things… and then the music she creates with it? jadhburvheiualrbfubwhafh.

7. Yummly (+WP update)

I’ve had the Yummly app on my phone for a long time, but I only truly appreciated it this month. Yummly is an amazing app for recipes & beautiful food inspiration. It’s super easy to use. You can search recipe names or search by ingredients. I like to try new things with food, but I don’t always have the patience to troll the Internet for the inspo. Yummly makes it so much easier. If you’re looking for healthy recipes on the go, you can even use the Nutrition filter. And, after using the app for a while, it starts to customise suggestions for you.

(Also. The new WordPress upgrade for iOS is pretty dope. I’ve been using this app for two years, so I’m happy that FINALLY, we have an upgrade that’s worth the mb. If you’re a WP blogger, you want to have this!)

8. Crochet braids

I am currently wearing crochet braids that I made for myself. Love, love, love them. This month I have had a bunch of clients book to make crochet braids and boy, do I love doing them! For about a year and many many months, I have only protective styled with marley twists, now I have found the perfect switch up.

9. Brown Sugar

No more shall I use white sugar for anything but drinking gari. Brown sugar is so much better with everything- so nice & so moist. I encourage you to try it. Brown sugar pancakes anyone? Noms.

10. MAC Frost Lipstick in Fabby

I take it as a sign of maturity that I’m comfortable with nude lippie now. This shade, MAC Fabby is pretty nice. I like it a lot.

What did you fall in love with this month? Can you guess which of us loves what? Have a happy, safe weekend, beauts!

– MeeMee