AB Loves: Midas Naturals Whipped Shea Butter

P.S. The packaging is different now

P.S. This was just a sample. The Midas Naturals label is different now.

Hey Guys!

Recently, I got to try product samples from a new organic hair product line, Midas Naturals. I loved the Whipped Shea Butter so much! ❤ Midas Naturals is a UK based company, but I’m proud to say that it is owned by a Nigerian. 🙂


Aqua, organic shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), avocado oil (persea grattissima), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), emulsifying wax NF (cetearyl alcohol & polysorbate 60), olive oil (olea europaea), crambe seed oil (abyssinica), organic palm oil (elaeis guineenis), stearic acid, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, vanilla cream fragrance oil.

Worth noting: Water is its first ingredient, and this is humectant free.

Shea butter, water and easily absorbable oils are the soul of this, with other ingredients to hold everything together. Continue reading


Hey guys!

How are you? 🙂

I spent the weekend with my family and one of my best girls (hadn’t seen her in months!) My baby brother graduated, to the glory of God! I wish my break was longer *sob sob* lol, but I’m back at work, and with nothing to do today, I just thought I’d show you my hair did. I had one good hair day, and one bad not so good one.

On Saturday, my twist out was not the best, but I happily rocked it like that. *bbm not interested smiley*

20140714-073944-27584267.jpg Continue reading

Dry Twist & Curl


Hey guys!

On and off, for three weeks now, I’ve been wearing my hair in this style, le Twist & Curl.

I got the idea from ‘Better Than Good Hair’ (love this book by the way!!) and it’s really simple.

What You Need

Twisting product (leave-in, butter, just oil, whatever you like to useI’ve been using Midas Naturals’ Whipped Shea Butter. Review soon)

Flexi rods (a.k.a. Bendy Rollers)

Bobby pins (optional) Continue reading

My Hair Last Week

Hello beautiful people!

How are things?


Yay. Awesome!

Remember when I said I would try to start styling my hair? Last week, I took baby steps in this direction.

I’m not bored of my fro or anything, it’s just that- my hair tangles. A LOT. And I like the fro fluffed to perfection, or as much as I can manage before I get tired, which is really about 13 minutes tops and I cannot be gentle ALL the time. My obsessive detangling leaves me with a considerable amount of broken hair. After combing, the fro does not look like it’s missing anything but sometimes when I multiply the sight of the hair left in my comb by 7, for the 7 days of the week, it makes me a little weak.

So this week was different.

I finger-detangled for the most part.

Before bed, I finger-detangled and moisturised my hair and put it in chunky twists.

Calabar :p

Calabar :p

I think keeping my hair in twists Saturday- Monday and the big twists on other nights helped me retain moisture because:

I only needed to use a leave-in every two days. Water spritzes in the mornings in between were fine.

The twists also helped my hair stay stretched.

AND because I did them at night, I didn’t need to spend a lot of time on my hair in the mornings.

I didn’t really use a comb. I needed it to fluff out my hair after the twist out, and for Fro-day, but I did not use it as much and altogether, I did not lose a troubling amount of hair.

Enough of the talk-talk now, I’m just going to show you the pictures. We can also play a game of guess the filter lol a little editing was necessary, to make me feel better about these photos ( ._.)

Saturday: my Aunt twisted my hair for me after a co-wash.



Monday: As at Sunday night, the plan was to wear a scarf but I woke up feeling confident about my twists.


I went to work like this y’all.


Tuesday: I undid the twists on my way to work.

I think this is what they call curl definition lol

I think this is what they call curl definition lol

Then I combed out a little, when I got to work. I had a bit of a twist-out, and improvised with hair combs- I used three to make a head band. Then I put a fake flower in.


Hair combs and flower from Fashion Strings.

What do you think? Is a flower unprofessional? Maybe I’ll have the answer to this question soon, when I get a real job.

Wednesday: Woke up and really didn’t feel like undoing my chunky twists. Solution? Headwrap!

hair last week baby steps1


Thursday: Hmmm, what do I call this? *Face palm*

hair last week baby steps


Friday: the twa was out to play.


So, the week wasn’t very pretty lol but it’s a start. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’m so happy I got to achieve my short term goal for the week and forget about the comb!

Tip: Like me, keep a scarf close. You may have the courage to stick to your style throughout the day, but there’s something mind resting about knowing you have options.

I didn’t have a plan for Thursday’s hair. I just twisted and tucked and whatever. It was somehow at some point, and my supervisor said she preferred my texture from Tuesday lol. Well, that was nice but Thursday texture was my kinky hair at its kinky best so I just decided to shrug my worries off and enjoy it.

But that’s an idea though. I should stretch a twist out for one day more in future by holding it up in a similar fashion.

I give myself an A for effort, just because I can ( ._.)


Styling short hair can be a little daunting, especially natural hair because of shrinkage. Do you or did you style your short hair? Care to share a secret or two?

Till next time,