How To: Washing Braids (Updated Version)

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How is everyone doing? Happy April to you and you and you! This year does not seem to be lingering one bit.

So remember one of my first posts on here? I think it was probably my first post. It was about caring for your braids. That post was written a little over a year ago and it should come as no surprise that in the last month, I discovered an updated method to wash braids without having to create frizz prematurely. What do I mean? In the method described in the old post, I described how I washed my hair under running water from start to finish. This new method is pretty much the same, except with a tweak at the start of the process.

1. Shampoo


To do this. Fill a spray bottle with some water and pour in shampoo.

Screenshot (5)

Shake the mixture. Spray the cleansing mixture onto your scalp, along the parts of your braids.

Screenshot (9)

Scrub with your fingertips. This is very important because using your nails may cause your roots to frizz and get old very quickly.

Screenshot (11)

2. Rinse

Now you can step into the shower and rinse out under running water. Smooth the braids from root to tip as you rinse the shampoo out.

3. Repeat 1.

Depending on how filthy your hair is, repeat the first step until you are convinced that you have a clean scalp.

4. Oil Rinse

I have added this to my routine just because I love the results I get, especially when my hair is protectively styled. I use olive oil because it is always available in the kitchen and I don’t have to have a heart attack about literally pouring it down the drain. Put some oil in an applicator bottle and run it along your scalp until your hair is saturated.

5. Deep Condition.

Yes, people, you can deep condition your hair when it is hidden in braids. You can either choose to dilute your conditioner/ deep conditioner a little bit such that it can be dispensed via a spray bottle or an applicator bottle head. My reason for saying this is that you do not just want to slap on thick conditioner all over the length of your braids and scalp. What might end up happening is that you will not saturate your head of hair with the product. Using a spray bottle or an applicator bottle helps to direct the product where you want it to go. So just as was done with the shampoo, apply the conditioner/ deep conditioner along the parts. Also apply it along the length of the braids to wherever your hair stops. Put hair in a bun or pony tail and hide it underneath a shower cap or a heated DC cap, if you have one of those. I am looking to invest in one of those pretty soon.

6. Final Rinse.

You can now return to the shower for the home stretch. Rinse your braids as before underneath running water. Remember to smooth your hair with your palm as your rinse. And fin!

Personally, I have found that I get a lot of product build up and itching within the first week of any protective style. However, after the first wash (which I usually end up doing in that first week), I can go two or even three weeks without feeling the need to wash the hair again. The oil rinse tends to keep the hair shiny for an elongated period of time, and the dryness I feel in that first week which makes me use more and more products, is usually absent in the subsequent weeks, post-wash.

Have you found a hack to wash-day when you have a protective style on? Please share!

P.S: All the pictures in this post are screenshots of a video tutorial by JourneyToWaistLength. See below for the full video:

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