Natural in Nigeria & On A Budget

Hello AB, How are you?

I am an aspiring naturalista. 

The thing is, most of the products are alien except ones like Dudu Osun, Honey, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. Please how can I use the local products around me? Thanks in anticipation of your reply.




Natural hair can look a little discouraging because of all the senrenren as seen on the blogs (guilty) and other media but it’s really not complicated. Trying assorted products from far and near is a great hobby of mine mostly because I’m on a quest to find my Holy Grail faves but the real reason I try and try and try is, it keeps things interesting.

In all this though, I never forget that to survive and thrive, I don’t NEED a 5kg basket full of products. I’m going to suggest some basics you could easily find in Nigeria, to get you started on your hair journey. As you go on, you’ll find others that suit you better, don’t be afraid to try new things!

1. Shampoo- most shampoos contain sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS/Sodium Laureth Sulfate SLES) and though they clean well, they also strip your hair of natural moisture and oils, so they can be too harsh for regular use. Dudu Osun or any other African Black Soap is a good alternative. Take the soap, and shake it in a bowl of water till it lathers. Then use the soapy water to wash your hair. Rinse out, that’s it!

Sulfate shampoos are as drying as they are effective. You don’t have to chuck them in the trash though. You can prevent them from drying you out if you try these tips.

2. Regular Instant/Rinse-out Conditioner

Conditioners help to restore the PH balance in your hair after shampooing, and to smooth your hair cuticles. They can also be used to wash your hair, this is what we call co-washing. Though this is their primary work, not all conditioners are equal.

I use the Hair Fruits Conditioner to co-wash when I don’t have anything else. It’s just 250-300 naira. Though it isn’t very moisturising and contains mineral oil (bite me), it is okay for the purpose, always within my budget and readily available.

V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner is nice, without the mineral oil. It’s within the 450-650 price range. Suave Naturals is usually stocked at SPAR, the Aloe + Coconut one, for about 650 or 750.

3. Deep Conditioner: for before OR after you shampoo, to fortify hair in advance or replenish lost moisture- whichever you like. I’m only just beginning to work with packaged DCs. Homemade ones work well for me. You can easily make your own.

Honey and Olive Oil DC- for moisture & shine

Edible mayonnaise + 1 egg + olive oil – Protein & shine

Coconut Milk DC packs a SERIOUS Protein punch. Beware of this one if you’re protein sensitive. If your hair feels weird after doing this, just leave it yeah?

For more about these ones and other homemade treatments and deep conditioning in general, kindly go here.

4. Leave-In Conditioner:

Water is hydrating & moisturising BUT not all naturals can rely on just water for their moisture needs. Now I can moisturise my hair once a week with water & seal, but it hasn’t always been this way. You need a leave-in to nourish your strands, draw and keep moisture in. Depending on how dry your hair is, you may use it once or twice a day or every 3 days… Depends on you.

Leave-ins you can easily find in Nigeria-
I. Africa’s Best Kids Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Shea Butter Moisturising Detangling Lotion. About 800-1200. Depends on where you look
II. Jack 5ive Curl Activator Gel- pricing range and availability similar to Kids Organics.
III. Natural Nigerian Moisture & Shine Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. This goes for 2500 but is my favourite product of the 3. To get it, email

I’ve reviewed all 3 products on the blog in the past, you could find them here.

5. Sealants-

You need to seal in moisture after you moisturise. This one is easy. Look for natural oils & butters like- shea butter, olive oil (be it for anointing, cooking, whatever). Park & Shop (SPAR) has the best prices for coconut oil I’ve seen, with the blue Parachute bottle they carry. Just check the food section. Our indigenous Atili oil (African olive) and Palm Kernel Oil are also highly rated.

Honestly, any vegetable oil can be used to seal. It’s just that different oils have different characteristics so some carry way more benefits than others. But if push comes to shove, don’t be shy to use that soybean or canola oil in your kitchen. ;)


6. Wide toothed comb- you know, because your coils are too springy and full of life, too much for a fine tooth comb to handle! ;)

7. Spray bottle (You can buy one, or improvise with an old body spray bottle) to refresh your hair when dry.

8. Cotton T-Shirt- Microfibre towels are tipped to be the best for drying hair after a wash. If you have one, great. But you don’t need one when you have a cotton tee. Cotton t-shirts are more gentle on your hair than regular towels. No need for a heavy wash towel, just keep your old tees handy. :)

9.Satin/silk scarf or bonnet or pillowcase- Cotton is super absorbent which makes me love it for a few reasons such as the one I just stated above. However, when you aren’t trying to dry your hair, cotton is NOT your hair’s homie. Satin and silk fabrics make good hair coverings, because of their characteristics, they are able to protect your hair from friction, and from drying out at night.

You could go to the market to find satin to make your own bonnet, but be careful. I tried that in January & what they offered me was not it at all. It was a very THICK, not breathable material. To be on the safe side, try getting a satin bonnet for starters- usually for 500-600 naira, so let me know where you are so I could tell you where to look.

For some people, anything goes as long as it looks and feels like it, but some people feel that not all satin is made equally. There are different opinions. Not all satin is made the same- some are made from cheaper materials and for this reason, some people call them ineffective. You can read this article here- but right now, at this point in your hair journey, just worry about getting something as close as you can. The cheapey-cheapey satin bonnets I’ve been buying so far have been doing me well sha!

Too unsexy for you? Go for a scarf or pillowcase (Source)

10.Vegetable Glycerine

This is a pretty good moisturising aid, especially for Low-Porosity naturals like myself. Your hair may not be a great fan, but it’s definitely worth trying. If you mix a little with water in your spray bottle, you can use it to refresh your hair whenever its feeling dry. Glycerine is a humectant, it draws moisture into the hair. It seems to be a little less common than it was when I was growing up but its out there. Check pharmacies and supermarkets & some beauty shops. I know some girls like to mix it with their body lotions. If you need any help knowing where to order from though, just holler.

I hope this helps!



So ladies, did I miss anything? Any simple essentials for natural hair care that are easy to find and cheap too? If you live in Nigeria, it’d be helpful if you share where you get some of your favourite things in your neighbourhood. Let’s keep this simple for Eucharia’s sake! Thanks guys <3





P.S. All the naturalistas pictured in this post are Nigerian. Source: @kinikinks (instagram)

Product Review: Dark & Lovely Au Naturale

Hey you guys!

At Naturals In The City 6, a number of us got samples from the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Line, to test and give feedback. I was hoping to post this when the line was officially launched here but it’s been close to a year and Dark & Lovely has recently come out with the Au Naturale Anti-Breakage Line in the obodos. Still no news of an official Nigerian release, but I did see it at Casabella, Ikeja- so I’m just going to let my thoughts out now.

Yes, Dark & Lovely- a line you know and probably once loved is making moves in the business of Natural hair now. Dark & Lovely Beautiful Beginnings- the orange one for Coarse hair was my relaxer of choice. I was pretty excited when I learnt about this development because, Dark & Lovely is no stranger in Nigeria, and so the products may be relatively cheaper, because they already have a strong presence here. [let’s hope we don’t have to wait till 2030 lol]

So here they are:

The full Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Line

The full Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Line

6 different products make up this line but what do they have in common?

The yummy scent of mangoes. They also claim to have “No mineral oils, no parabens and no petrolatum.” Technical science aside, aren’t petrolatum and mineral oil in the same category?

Fancy ingredients Bamboo milk and mango oil that together claim to be part of an Anti-Shrinkage Formula. It is also worth noting that these two ingredients being greatly advertised are way down the lists of ingredients.

My hair type: Kinky, Low-Porosity 4C hair. High density, but my individual strands are quite thin.


This is a 6-in-1 review, long enough already, so you could refer to the ingredients and official product descriptions over here.

1. Hydrating Soak Shampoo

I did not pre-poo or mix any oil in before using this shampoo so I could experience the strength of it. There’s nothing hydrating about this shampoo. It’s just like every other shampoo I’ve tried with sulphates [It has Sodium Laureth Sulphate. (SLES)] It super cleans, it strips. Fear not, you can still make the most of it with these tips.

2. Knot Out Conditioner

I think this is my favourite product from the line. I enjoyed co-washing with it because my hair did not feel stripped afterwards. It felt soft and I finger detangled with ease. I really like it, and I think it has the best smell!

3. Coil Moisturising Soufflé

This product is described as a gel but there’s nothing gelly about it. It is of a creamy consistency. This is a decent leave-in conditioner, made “For Coily Hair”. My hair was soft and well moisturised for most of the day. I like it as well.

4. Curl Defining Creme Glaze

This is a leave-in “For curly hair”, an alternative to the Coil Moisturising Soufflé for coily hair. Though I have no “curls” to define, I tried it anyway, and well, nothing happened. LOL. It’s pink and pretty though, but not as moisturising as the Soufflé.

5. 10-in-1 styles Gelee

The definition I had after I loosened my twists was something! Something good! I used this with the Coil Moisturising Soufflé, and my hair stayed moisturised. As I took out the twists though, I experienced some flaking. It wasn’t clear whether this was from my hair or scalp. (Definitely the product though, not me. I have no scalp flaking issues now, or at the time of testing this product)

6. Sheen Sealing Nectar

This one is described as a leave-in but I don’t see how. It is an excellent sealant, use as little as you can, but so are natural oils. I may reconsider this product on the day I finally decide to straighten my hair with a flat iron or something. I think I may prefer it as (part of) a heat protectant, or as a substitute to hair spray. It is recommended by them for use on scalp but considering the silicones and other inorganic ingredients in this and how thick this is, I think this is a horrible horrible idea!

Is Dark & Lovely Anti-Shrinkage really Anti-Shrinkage?

This line claims to have a special Bamboo milk and Mango seed oil formula in each product that helps you defy shrinkage.

I remember a few people were complaining about this at the meet-up, wondering why Dark & Lovely should be Anti-Shrinkage if its really here to care for curls. Because curls = shrinkage. True, true, very true. But I’m the type of person that likes to watch/study Advertising for fun, so I really wasn’t bothered in the least.

I didn’t notice any less shrinkage with my hair sha, and I can say from an objective unemotional standpoint that this is just a big FAT lie marketing gimmick. #WeSeeRightThroughYouLoréal!

If you’re looking to try anything from this line, Casabella is a good place to start. Where to Find deets in the Directory.

Bloggers Acharacha and Ifeyinwa also gave Au Naturale a run. You can read their reviews here on Acharacha by Nature, and Love, Ifeyinwa.

Have you tried anything from this line? Would you be trying? What are your thoughts? Would you trust natural hair products from a relaxer company? Let’s talk!




Product Review: CeCees Curls Pineapple Whipped Shea Butter

CeCees Curls is a young Nigerian small business, based in Abuja. Today, I’m reviewing their Pineapple Whipped Shea Butter.

I know the tub says "guava", but I got a pineapple sample.

I know the tub says “guava”, but my Pineapple sample (which matters) was inside.

First Impressions:

The smell? Yummy. And it’s good to know that with the exception of the pineapple fragrance, all the ingredients are natural and edible. I was one of those kids who tried chalk, powder and soap so I wouldn’t entirely put tasting it past me. O_o Just kidding. I’m a growwwn woman now. ( ._.)

The card it came with was also a pretty nice touch! :)


Shea butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Pineapple Fragrance.

I got to know this in a note.


In future, it’d be nice for CeCees Curls to have the ingredients listed on the tub, or at least a broad description- “Shea butter enriched with penetrating oils and humectants…” Something like that.

Let’s Get To It

I’ve only tried one other whipped butter in my life and it was a little too light for me. I like to use shea on my lips and sometimes body. I even mixed a little of this one day with some castor oil to give myself a much needed massage so you can understand why I prefer the heavier texture of CeCees Curls.


This butter is not as thick as raw shea (duh, because its been whipped!) but it isn’t too light. I don’t know if you can see what I’m saying here.


I used this alone for my 3 strand twist out which you saw or you can see in this post, and my hair was soft for a week, from Friday to Thursday! I didn’t need to spritz my hair with water to refresh. And note that I didn’t use any leave-in conditioner. I just used the whipped butter to twist on damp freshly washed hair. I honestly don’t know if this is because my hair is in such a good place right now, or because of the humectants in the whipped butter. I’m thinking it’s more of the latter, but maybe I’ll try again with raw shea later, when I take my kinky twists out, to definitively compare results.

I’m not one of those naturals who praise shea butter like it’s the ultimate hair elixir. No shade! It’s just my low po-ro-si-ty! From past experiences, (raw) shea butter is an okay sealant, that’s all; Which is why I’m inclined to believe the humectants in this whipped butter kept my low-porosity hair moisturised.

Would I buy this?

I aspire to be a mixtress someday. Till I gather myself to make my own whipped butter, yes, I’d be happy to buy me some CeCees Curls!

A Little Story

One month after my re-chop, I met Neku, the madam behind CeCees Curls at Capital Naturals 1 (November 2012). CeCees Curls was still a dream. Everyone was making small talk outside at the product stands, and she told me she was thinking about starting a shea butter business, and wanted to know if I’d be interested in that kind of thing. And I was like yes, if it’s good, why not?

More than a year later, I got an email from CeCees Curls asking if I’d like to try their whipped butter. I said Yes. It was only after days of going back & forth to choose the flavour I wanted to try/ arrange delivery that I looked at the Google+ profile and it occurred to me that she was the one I’d talked to at the meetup!

It made me very happy to know she followed her plans through, and it’s even better that I’ve tried it, and I actually like it!

When was the last time you thought about your dreams? The last time you took a step in their direction? Let this inspire you in a small or big way today, to get going!


You can get CeCees Curls in Abuja, in a variety of other flavours. I also got a whiff of some of them and I think the Hazelnut may be my fave!

Connect with them on Twitter @ceceescurls and Instagram @ceceecurls, and to order, you can:

1. Call 07052809468 

2. Email- or

3. BBM: 332E7A1A

If you’ve tried any of CeCees Curls butters, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!




PH Naturals Stand Up!

Hello beautiful people!

I come to you today with good news for the sistahood in Port Harcourt!

You can now get your hair product fix at Fros and Cornrows Natural Hair Hangout!

Visit the Hangout at 45 Evo Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

A wide range of Natural hair Products and accessories awaits you:

1. Essential oils,

2. Base oils (Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba, Grapeseed)

3. Natural butters- shea butter, cocoa butter

4. Ayurvedic Oils and Clays

5. Natural hair brands including Cantu, Shea Moisture, Giovanni, Oyin Handmade, Eco Styler, As I Am, Aubrey Organics, Elasta QP and Kinky Curly!

6. More specifically, Wild Growth Hair Oil, Body Art Quality Henna, and the famous Luster S-Curl Activator!

7. Satin bonnets, Hair accessories, and Hair tools.

And get this, a salon is in the works!

Sounds like you guys have it made!! Keep your eyes on the Hangout, and go see if they don’t have what you need.

Don’t keep this to yourself, share this, spread the word to fellow PH Naturals and if you aren’t based in Port Harcourt, share with the PH people you know!

For more information about Where to Find natural hair friendly products and salons in Nigeria, do visit the Directory.
If you’re a Natural hair friendly business and you’re not on the list, just leave a comment or email & you’ll be putting yourself out there for the people that need you to find you!
If your favourite shop or salon isn’t on the list, let me know too. This is a collective effort, we are helping each other! :)

If you’re in a city or town with no products, don’t fret. We’re planning a little something to help you out too. ;)


Length Check!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in this post about Hair Vitamins, I am taking some vitamin supplements from African Hair Accel that are supposed to encourage faster hair growth. I braided my hair on  Friday, and I started taking the vitamins on Saturday. After the 30 day period has elapsed, I will take down my braids and do another length check to compare, and I’ll definitely show you my results.

So, here are length check photos taken on Thursday night, after I blow-dried. You can read about my blow dry process (the Tension Blow-Dry method in my last post here)

Left side, Front

Left side, Front

middle section

middle section

Right side, back

Right side, back

As you can see, I measured 8 inches in the front and back, and about 7 inches in the middle.

I was on Black Girl Long Hair on Tuesday and appaz, for some people, it’s a crazy or psycho obsessive thing to do length checks with measuring tape? O_o LOL people need to calm down. I got this idea from Ndeshimona of My Curly Potential, and I think it’s a pretty effective and accurate way to do a length-check. Definitely easier than making or buying a length-check tee, though I may still make one for making sake.

Of course, for the After shots, I will measure the same sections. The front and back ones are always in the same spots- with my ear as a landmark/ marking point.

Me I’m just happy that I’ve reached weave length, I can cut all this off now and package and sell as 8-inch Extra Virgin Afro Kinky Hair, hit me up if you want to buy! LOL

My 2nd Hairversary is coming up and I catch myself wishing I had more length to show for it like some of my “mates”. Then I remind myself that this is a journey, I’ve identified my setbacks, I made a plan and so far, I’m sticking to it. I’m just going to keep on loving my hair, and let it respond to the love in its own way.

Length aside, my hair is in a very happy place right now. It is super soft, shining bright like a diamond, and cooperating with all my products. I’m very happy, very happy indeed! :)

Fingers crossed,





I’m wearing Kinky Twists right now, kinda short ones (it’s been a while), and the day before I went to the market to get it done, I decided to blow dry my hair myself.

The last time I braided my hair, it was a bit of a disaster. They couldn’t handle it at the salon, even with the blow dryer and their big combs. My hair was feeling like Titanium. The dryer only succeeded at drying my hair, not stretching it. And the braids that followed got rough pretty fast. I complained on Twitter, and on the blog, and a few people suggested I try the Tension Blowdry method. Thank you guys for all your tips, they are much appreciated! <3

I looked it up, expecting something mega (Natural hair and all the terminologies), but it's actually very simple.

What is the Tension Blow-Dry Method?

The Tension Blow Dry method is simply you, your blow dryer and your heat protectant. No combs.


You wash and detangle your hair, and when it’s damp or dry, put in your leave-in/ heat protectant

How-To Tension Blow-Dry:

Pull a section of hair down, hold it taut at the ends, and run the dryer down the section you’re holding, from roots to ends.

So, the dryer is doing the drying/blowing, and your hands provide the tension LOL. That’s my way of understanding it.

I had my hands full, and with no tripod or anything, I couldn’t make a good video. Plus, it was late at night, and the lights weren’t so bright. But this video below from Ms. Alicia James of Easy Natural Hair shows you how:

If your hair is long enough to section, it’s best that you section it whenever possible- to wash, to air dry, to hold while you style, and even now, to blow-dry. This helps to keep it out of the way, and stretch it just a teeny bit.

So I washed my hair that Thursday, deep conditioned, and put in some Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream as my leave-in, sealed my ends with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and left to air dry for a few hours.


Directly applying heat to wet hair gives you bubble hair. LOL. Water gets trapped in your hair as a bubble, and bubble hair is more brittle, that is, easier to break. Let your hair dry or be really close. It’s also a good idea not to put the nozzle of your dryer so close to the hair. The scientist, Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom explains this phenomenon here.

So, hair is clean and (kind of) dry, sectioned and ready to go.



Let’s get to blow-drying.

I Used:

Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer (heat protectant) and

CeCees Curls Whipped Shea Butter.


On second thought, I shouldn’t have used the shea butter because I’d already sealed with the JBCO (a little too much oyel in the mix) and the Restructurizer is a heat protectant. I’ll review this Aphogee product later. For now, just know it’s good. :)

I spritzed with the Restructurizer, held my hair taut and went to town.

I kept my dryer on the medium heat setting, and tried not to get so much heat on my ends. The ends are the oldest parts of your hair, the most fragile, the most prone to dryness and breakage. As you can see in the photo below of my first section, there’s still a lot of texture in there. I didn’t dry it out bone straight.

first section

first section

I went section by section, undoing to blow dry, and retwisting after. Can you see how different my twists look now?



I asked my hair braider to take a picture so you could see it up close, how nicely stretched the hair was.


I loved my blow-out results! And I will try my best to resist the temptation to do this too often in the future. My hair was soft, and shiny [& just as thick] and I’m looking forward to my first proper blowout (like to wear out) when I grow a few more inches. ;)

Yes, these tips apply to relaxed hair too. :)

I was a little worried about the way I used the Restructurizer because it’s like “flavored water” for your hair. By flavored I mean, packed with protein & heat protectant goodness but it’s still a water-based spritz. So next time, I won’t spritz it seconds before I blow dry. Rather, I’d spritz and leave to dry before I go in. I don’t want bubble hair :(

And one last thing, I read that it is good to do a blast of cool air on your hair after you blow-dry it, but I didn’t because my dryer doesn’t have a cool setting O_o. Just two- medium and high heat. Yep, new blow-dryer is now on my Wishlist.

So guys, that’s that. The entire process took me about an hour and thirty minutes. Don’t be scared oh, I’ve observed I’m quite slow with hair things.

Do you blow-dry? Any blowout tips for girls to try in the future? Leave us a note in the comments!




P.S. You can get the Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer at Perfect Trust Cosmetics, Abuja & Sizzelle Store in Lagos, which also delivers Nationwide. CeCees Curls is available in Abuja as well. For contact information for all 3 vendors, please see the Where-to-Find Directory.

Styling Adventures: 3 Strand Twist Out

Hey guys!!

If you follow @thekinkandi on Instagram, this is old news but here’s how I wore my hair last week, and a break down of how I was able to achieve it.

3 Strand What?

You’re definitely familiar with regular two-strand twists: twisting with two sections of hair. The 3 strand twist is a different way of twisting, with three strands. How is this possible? Isn’t that a braid, you ask? Nope, it isn’t.

To 3 strand twist, you need 3 sections, like a braid. You can start it as a braid, so that your roots can firmly hold, and then you start the twisting.

After the braid beginning, you have three strands yes, left, centre, right- let’s call them A, B, C respectively.

Make the rightest the leftest, as in- move the section on the right to the innermost left. The centre is now the rightest. Make it the leftest now. By so doing, the one that was originally on the left is now on the right, so you now make that one the leftest once more. And you repeat till you’re all the way down your twist.

ABC. Repeat.

If your hair thins out down the twist, you can finish with a 2 strand twist or just twirl the end round your finger. And that is all.

tada!! :D Took me about 90 minutes, because I'm a bit of a snail

tada!! :D Took me about 90 minutes, because I’m a bit of a snail

Nahhh, who am I kidding? Everything I’ve said may only make sense if you actually SEE it. Watch this really helpful video tutorial from Alyssa Forever, to see how it’s done.

I saw a pictorial showing how to do a 3 strand twist without starting as a braid and it really confused me. Still, it may be the thing to help you get it. Go see it here.

Products Used

I did this on clean, damp hair, fresh from Washday.
My leave-ins are humectant packed and I was trying to avoid frizz small, so I decided to do without them, and use just shea butter as a sealant and styling pomade. I used Cecees Curls Whipped Shea Butter (review soon)

The Unraveling: Twist Out

- I had the twists in from Friday night to Monday morning.
- I oiled my hands with a little shea butter and carefully undid the twists, twisting in the opposite direction, very careful with separating the sections as too much movement can cause it to frizz and lose definition.
- I held the front sides up with 2 hair combs. (I bought my hair combs in July from Fashion Strings at NITC 6. Contact deets in Directory) Voila!


My Weather app predicted 94% Humidity on Monday so I prepared myself for the possibility that my twistout would be totally unrecognisable by the time I came home. Yes it swelled, but I liked the chunkiness.




At night, I took different sections and braided the hair Simbi Style, taking care not to disturb my parting. I didn’t comb and I didn’t finger detangle either.

Simbi! :D

Simbi! :D

Day 2 hair had less definition, but it was still alright.


Pinned to the sides for court


And after 3 hours of wearing the wig, the back had no curl


By Day 4, the twist out had pretty much expired. I tried to wear it to work. It was fine when I left the house…

Day 4 hair

Day 4 hair

…But by the time I got to work, it was limp and looking somehow, so I couldn’t resist the urge to ‘Fro It. Which I did! Just a few runs with my wide toothed comb, and I had the best looking fro I’ve had so far. :D

check me 'fro outttt

check me ‘fro outttt

Why 3 Strand Twists Are Awesome

I personally prefer the way braid outs look to twist outs, at least on kinky hair. Braid outs give chunkier curls or waves, with more texture. 3 strand twists appear to give curlier results.

3 strand twists hold better than 2 strand twists. Long story short, I’m just team #3StrandTwist.

Do You 3 Strand Twist? Could you? Would you? Why or why not? Let’s talk in the comments!




P.S. I know “leftest” is not in the dictionary. :p