Nazuri Curls: A Study in If-It-Ain’t-Broke

I retired Wanda last weekend.

If you don’t know about Wanda, she was introduced about a month ago here. I had been searching for the perfect wig for me and in Wanda I found my perfection. Now, one of the qualities I love about the nazuri curls afro hair is the curl pattern. The nazuri curls custom wig, while being done to specification, also had the plus of having a very desirable shape and length. I never thought that I would be able to wear any length of hair down. I am the kind of girl that always needs to tie her hair up or back or something – I just cannot stand hair touching my skin for too long. With extensions, the biggest problem is the unnatural and sometimes greasy, itchy feel of the extensions. However, with Wanda, I did not care. I had her down most of the time and actually liked the way the curls felt when they brushed my shoulders or the side of my face. Needless to say, I was enjoying rocking my Wanda every second of every day.


Before Washday

Then I ruined it.

Okay, maybe not ruined. Here’s what happened.

I had the bright idea that it was time to give Wanda her first washday. How did that go?

  1. Sectioned the hair into four parts and held them separate with hair bands


20151026_1300012. Ran some water through the hair

3. Rubbed in some Aussie Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment in sections

4. Detangled with a wide toothed comb


Spoils of detangling

5. Rinsed out the conditioner

6. Hung to dry


Maybe I should not have hung the wig to dry with the bands still on, but after washday, Wanda lost the shape that I had come to love. The hair in front also felt longer and the hair in general was less bouncy and more all over the place. In an attempt to revive the hair, I had another smart idea – brush out the curls and then do a twist out using Shea Moisture curl enhancing cream and Gorilla snot. Brushing out the curls made the hair longer and the twist out did not give me back the erstwhile shape. :(.


After Washday

While I rocked Wanda


Remember I talked about the sturdiness of the wig cap? Well, despite how sturdy the wig cap and its fastenings seemed, I still was not going to take any chances especially in the windy fall. So I always had 3 bobby pins around my perimeter (and at least one more in my purse for emergencies). I had told the good people at Nazuri that my head was medium sized. I think that I should have gone with the small sized head, just because when all the fastenings are done, there is a part of the wig cap at the back that just weirdly does not fit into anything. Note to self: head not as big as mirror says.

I made an ‘every other day routine’ of spritzing the wig with Creme of nature leave-in conditioner. On some days, to tame the frizz, I used Shea Moisture mousse which worked really well to my surprise.

In Conclusion



The Nazuri curl afro hair is IT!

I recommend Nazuri custom wigs for anyone on the hunt for something more permanent.

If the wig don’t stink, stop trying to dunk it in the sink. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I will be washing my Nazuri wig again in probably a month, to see if the original curls return. But for now, she has gone into early temporary retirement.



So, tell me, how do you care for your wigs? Have you ever washed a wig and if you have, how long did it take you to wash it the first time you did.

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– MeeMee


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