Dripping Wet Product Review: Shea Moisture Cocoshea Biolipid Complex Gentle Curl-Cleansing Co-Wash

That’s not even the full product name.

Shea Moisture Cocoshea Biolipid Complex w/Agave Nectar & Black Seed Oil Gentle Curl-Cleansing Co-Wash.

This review is coming to you straight outta the shower, slightly dripping wet with amazement at the first time result of this co-wash from SheaMoisture’s new line. 

This is one of the products that came in the NHIC swagbag and this is a short first impression post. Now I have never used any products that is specifically named a co-wash. My co-washes are typically facilitated by regular conditioner. Otherwise, I wash with the L’oreal sulfate free shampoo that my hair likes so much.


As this is not a detailed review, I will save the breakdown of the product’s core ingredients and the parts they play. The first thing that caught my attention was that this product claims to “…define and lengthen even the tightest curls to reduce shrinkage.” Now, AB and I have shared feelings of ‘some-typa-wayness’ about products that claim to alter the natural actions of hair in any way or form. Before I use this co-wash again, I shall carry out an extensive research on this biolipid complex figure and the other silent ingredients.


Tonight, after pre-pooing, I simply washed with the co-wash, twice, and rinsed out. Fin. No conditioner, no deep conditioner, nothing.


C O I L S ! ! !




My hair has never looked this way right after a wash. Already, as I rinsed out the product, I could feel the definition of my curls between and on my fingers. This was really interesting to me. Actually, I take my first sentence back. The only time my hair has come close to looking this way was when I was judiciously doing the Maximum Hydration Method. Besides the look of the curls and the already visible reduced shrinkage (I did not rinse in twists as I usually do), my hair now feels a lot softer even without leave-in!

This product has definitely piqued my interest and I shall be doing a detailed review soon.

Have you tried this new line from Shea Moisture? What is your experience with products specifically labelled ‘co-wash’? I hope you have a brilliant week ahead!



5 thoughts on “Dripping Wet Product Review: Shea Moisture Cocoshea Biolipid Complex Gentle Curl-Cleansing Co-Wash

    • Hello! This is not a sponsored post. We would usually put up a disclaimer for sponsored posts. I got this product for free at the natural hair industry convention (mentioned in the post) but was not paid or asked by Shea Moisture or any other entity to try it and review it.

      Just as an add-on, all the opinions that we share on this site are our complete honest opinions. We will never misrepresent our true feelings about a product because we were paid to do a review.

      Thanks for asking! :).


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