Thankful in November


Yes, yes, yes, we should not wait for one day in the year to be grateful but I think that a reminder is always nice – to put life and living into perspective.

There is an article here that I think is a necessary read not only for this season but a good reminder on the relationship between gratefulness and happiness.Over here at TheKinkandI, we are most grateful for the gift of the internet and the opportunity to be able to write for and connect with you, our readers. :* Chop keez, guys!

What else is AB thankful for?

Life. Peace (It’s relative). Love. Family. Friendship.

But these are things I’m thankful for, all the time. I’m really, particularly, most especially thankful that we (MeeMee & I) both have the opportunity to start out in our chosen fields. It may not seem like a big deal, but there are too many people in this country who do not get to work in the disciplines that they chose, so I do not take this lightly at all.

And Mee?

I started to put a list together last night. Bobby pins. A very present support system. Green tea. 2015. Emotions. Primer. Written words. Silence. Home (in every sense of the word). Sanity. But then it hit me. The thing I am most thankful about is to be able to sit behind this computer, breathing and aware of the little pain in my upper back, listening to friends that have become family chatter around me, as I type out these words on a platform that an amazing young woman I can call best friend introduced me to. In other words, I am thankful for life. My life. And the long list of things – good and bad – that make up my life.

Our secondary school principal used to say “Gratitude is the least of all virtues. Ingratitude is the worst of all vices.” To be honest, I never quite understood it completely until I graduated and probably got some more common sense. Remember that there is more to gratitude than just saying ‘thank you’. Gratitude begins inside of you and without fuss or even trying is easily manifest in your words and more importantly in your deeds. I have become big on writing down quotes in my little notebook (MJ look what you’ve caused). Yesterday’s quote said

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving

And so I leave you to let that marinate. I hope you choose to be thankful today and always, even for the disappointments.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING once again!!!

For what are you thankful? Share with us!

– MeeMee


8 thoughts on “Thankful in November

  1. I’m grateful for family, great upbringing, good friends, God’s blessings, etc. Also grateful for the fact that my kinky hair still manages to grow, despite my lack of TLC.


  2. Good to seeing you ladies being so thankful, writing it down really helps coz when its staring you smack in the face then the gratitude becomes more real…what am I thankful for? Mostly forwaking up to a new day and having the chance to do it all again, but better. Have a gd wkend folks ( :


  3. I love seeing beautiful posts like this, it make a me quite happy. Kindly check out my blog and follow if interested, I really enjoy reading your posts!


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