By Lumo Naturals : My First UpDo

Hey guys!

Let’s play a game called ‘Name The Style’ ? 🙂

Here are photos of how I wore my hair at the Call ceremony two Fridays ago and for a week after.

Braids up the sides that ended in twists, and twists in the middle.

Then the braids and twists were married with some more twisting and held up with several bobby pins, to make an updo that I at first described as a mohawk, but now that I’m looking at it, the front looks like a flat-top haircut.

Anyway, I loved it. If you have a name for my updo, holler in the comments!





Maintenance: I simply oiled my scalp with coconut oil to prevent itching and dandruff, every two days or so.

Tip: If you’re considering recreating the style, it’d look even nicer with longer hair. Look at this photo of a natural with longer hair wearing almost the same style:


And one of my favourite styling tutorials from Laila-Jean (youtube: FusionofCultures) – Channelling Johnny Bravo.

Her hair is much longer of course, so add kinky extensions to the middle as much as you need; a lot for a more dramatic top or if you aren’t a fan of the flat-top finish, just a little.

The Credit

My hair was styled by NatMane at Lumo Naturals Salon,

Suite G8, Mbouty plaza, Marcus Garvey street, behind emirates hotel, 5th avenue, Gwarinpa.

Call 08094823173 to book an appointment and make enquiries.

Quick Review

I had to call the salon in advance to set up an appointment.

Nat has been natural for many years now, and as expected, she handled my hair like a pro.

She helped me choose the style; this was very much appreciated because I had no idea what to do. I needed to keep my hair off my face and a hair band was definitely not an option. In my mind, there was no way a braided style could fit a suit or an adult. ( ._.) But she definitely changed that! I’m looking forward to my next braided style 🙂

Lumo Naturals is a new salon and the owner Farida was interested in getting feedback.

At Lumo Naturals, customers are given a consultancy form to fill. There you state your hair concerns, any issues you may have. I filled mine out and Farida talked me through the points raised. She also promised to email in a few weeks to see how my hair is doing. 🙂

The service was great and I was very happy with my hair.

It’s an awesome protective style because my hair is totally out of my manipulative reach, and my ends that need the most protecting, are further tucked in.

How much did my hair cost? 2000 naira.

Would I visit again? Yes.

Oh and for the Abuja natural, Natural Nigerian products are sold there.

For more information about where to find Natural Hair Salons and Products in Nigeria, visit our growing directory here.

Have you been to Lumo Naturals? How did you like it?

Till Next Post,




16 thoughts on “By Lumo Naturals : My First UpDo

  1. I’m yet to try a braided style. I’m just like you in thinking that it’ll make me look like a school girl. I feel like unbraided hair is more grown up. But I like braided natural hair on other people.


  2. Your hair is fab! Before i got to the part where you said she’s also a natural, i was already praising the stylist for parting the hair neatly. Very few stylists can achieve that esp if they ain’t used to dealing with the afro hair. I’m absolutely loving your hair!


  3. I love the hairstyle,I’ve got something similar to this on right now. I’ll like to know though,did you have to add any kinky extensions or is this all your hair. PS. I wish I had studied Law,your uniform rocks.


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  6. that’s a cute hairstyle. I won’t say the style would look better on longer hair. I think you can loosen the twists up front for a fuller and playful look. Natmane did a great job. She styles her hair really nicely, so i’m not surprise she did a superb job on this one. congrats on your grad, so proud you did cornrows for the big day.


  7. Great work with your hair. How am I just seeing this? Limo Naturals has improved much from 2013. Farida is doing a really nice job for Hairlistas in Abuja and environs.

    I’m staying glued to your blog.


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