Let’s Talk Wigs

Hey Beauts!

Good week so far? Can you believe it’s already the end of August?!

As I write, I am in my first hour of the Cherry Lola treatment. Yup, I have begun my first 7 days of the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM). I hope to chronicle these 7 days via pictures and update you occasionally afterwards. I am usually very spontaneous with my hair. Heck, my big chop wasn’t premeditated. This is the first time I have planned when it comes to my hair. Part of my planning led me to seek out another wig for at least the seven days I shall be doing the MHM. Reasons being that I am not a big fan of my wash and go results, and there may be times when I don’t complete the MHM overnight and need to go about my day with treatment still in my hair.


Let’s talk wigs!

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Wigs are a form of protective styling, right? However, I struggle with how much ‘protection’ they actually give. From my understanding, the point of protective styling is to minimize frequent hair manipulation. With wigs, though, I am of the opinion that one probably manipulates hair as much as one would have without the wig. True or no? Either that, or one might neglect hair more than one would when hair is in other forms of protective styling. Of course these opinions are based on personal experience, and I may be an anomaly. But I am interested in reading what you think of wigs in terms of protective styling.

With weaves and wigs, I favour the curlies. One of the few reasons I decided to go natural is that I am a big fan of coils and curls… all types of big hair. I find that the curly wigs tend to require more care than straight ones. From past experience, a fave curly wig can go from glorious to ‘did you get that out of the trash?!’ in only of few weeks of wearing. So in this post, I shall provide some tips on how to care for wigs (especially synthetic curlies) in order to get the most life out of them.

1. Minimize finger combing

This, I find particularly difficult. I do not like the perfect curls in new wigs. I like the more real look and so I tend to finger comb through the curls a lot to get the desired ‘oh nothing, it’s just my natural looking big hair’ look. However, the more finger combing one does, the more prone to tangling one makes the wig. More tangle, more matted look, unhappy wig, unhappy wearer. Along with minimizing finger combing, of course…


Don’t do this. It is curly wig suicide. There will be tears.

3. Store with love and care

I am guilty of throwing wigs wherever, underneath a pile of clothes or somewhere on the table with a bunch of other stuff. Apparently, this doesn’t fare well with wigs. They want to be treated like you would treat a real head of hair. For this reason, I got a phantom head for my wig. However, I recently learnt that if the wig has those strappy things, you can also hook those and hang the wig on the door knob or on a hanger.

4. Condition and freshen

So for the longest time, I was so sure there was no need to use products on my wigs. Wrong. Synthetic or natural, the fibers that make up the wig need rejuvenation from time to time. So endeavour to apply some conditioner (I favour spray leave-ins for this purpose) and also there are some wig fresheners in the market. The fresheners basically help to remove the cocktail of odours that your wig might have decided to take on from its interaction with every smell in the atmosphere.

5. Wash 

Try not to do this too frequently. How I do this is to fill the sink with warm water, add some conditioner and leave the wig to soak in this sink mixture for say, an hour. Usually I might forget I have it in there so it might stew for more than an hour. Rinse. Then holding the wig upside down, finger detangle. I recently learnt that this is the only time it is alright to brush a curly weave without destroying the curls.

Right. There you have it. Personally, I tend to get sick of wigs after a short while but I find them highly useful as well, especially for days when I’m too busy to spend any time in trying to make my hair presentable?

So I would like to hear from you… What do you think about wigs? Are they really protective? Or just functional and have aesthetic value? How do you care for your wigs?

Thank you for dropping by today. Have a brilliant week.

– Mee Mee


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Wigs

  1. I like wigs! I wore one constantly for months, and then noticed one day that my edges were chopping. I attributed it to not wearing a stocking cap BEFORE placing the wig on my head, so the friction caused some damage. Other than that though, I think that wigs are protective in that, someone like me with HIH syndrome can’t have access to their real hair throughout the day… and then at night, you can moisturize/condition it if need be.



  2. I think wigs are great! For the longest time I had a fear of them cos I felt I could be walking down the street and my wig would fly away with a passing breeze. This year though, I’ve fallen in love with them. They allow me to put my hair away in cornrows/flat twists all week and wash on the weekend and still look glam. I care for mine by spraying with water and conditioner and a bit of oil.


  3. I’m new to the “I like wigs” camp. I just never really had a reason to wear a wig before going natural except say for a few Halloween parties, where the hair ALWAYS looks fake. But now that there are some pretty realistic looking wigs out there, I find that it’s a quick save on days where my hair is just not working with me. I haven’t figured out how to wear one while my hair is undergoing some kind of treatment (deep condition, washes, henna, etc.), but maybe you can fill me in lol.

    For the wigs I recently acquired, I keep them on a phantom head and refresh with both wig refreshers and spray leave-in conditioners.


  4. I love wigs too!! So much so that I forgot at one point how impractical they can be if you play contact sports. After having my hair caught and almost pulled off a few times I actually had to take off the wig during the middle of my cheer practice!! I’d already educated them about weaves and wigs, so they understood, but they thought it was hilarious that a pile of my hair was on the floor while I was tumbling around the gym and throwing people in the air, LOL

    (ps, hurry up and post on your mhm experience so i can grill you on what products you use!)




  5. I’ve had a week on for the past 4 weeks and its been weird. I half esperredit to fly off one day but it never did. I would weave my hair into cornrows and mosturize nightly. I would loosen the cornrows on washday and weave them back the day after. I combed my weave tho. With a wide tooth comb everyday. It shed tho. But not that bad. I intend to wash and deep condition the wig as I do with my hair and dry it and keep till the next time it catches my fancy.


  6. Wigs are my best form of protective styling. All I do is braid my hair ‘dede’ all back, that’s all.so even when the wig is off, manipulation remains minimal. I have just two wigs tho, and they aren’t human hair, so mostly I just brush/comb it.


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