Maximum Hydration Method, anyone?

The Maximum Hydration Method is a hair regimen designed by a naturalista like you and I. (I don’t know her name, if you do, please let me know so I can give her credit, but I think she’s active on Black Hair Media forum as pinkecube) This regimen is quite similar to the Curly Girl method. She says that following her regimen will put your Type 4 hair in a super super hydrated state, and this super maximum hydration will translate to curl definition, and more. This routine is ideal for Type 4 hair, especially if it’s low porosity, but you’re welcome to try it even if you’re a high porosity girl.


  • Root to Tip definition on Product-free hair
  • Root to Tip definition in Wash & Go’s
  • Styles last longer and come out more defined and easy to separate
  • Super soft, pliable hair
  • Detangling is easier
  • Split ends and Single Strand Knots (SSKs) rarely occur
  • Moveable, shakeable hair even when dry
  • Use less product to style.

What’s the Regimen?

For the 411 on the regimen, you can visit the site over here, and watch these videos below. Ms DeeKay has been following the regimen for a while with her 4C hair. She’s really into it, so to learn more, scoot over to her blog to read about her experience in detail. She has written 16 posts so far on the MHM, and nicely arranged them for your easy reference, over here.

But in a nutshell, here it is:


> Cherry Lola treatment to begin the regimen and every two weeks after that or when necessary.

> 5-step daily regimen:


Step 1: Clarify with Apple Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda mixture.

Step 2: Deep condition overnight. Detangle and rinse out conditioner


Step 3: Clarify with clay rinse (bentonite clay, terresentials, rhassoul), to absorb toxins

Step 4: Leave-in conditioner

Step 5: Botanical, non-drying gel.

Optional Step 6: Stretching techniques that do not smoosh like rolling, pinning, clipping.

For best results, do the 5-step routine for 7 days straight, and after that, you can do 3 consecutive days every week.

Will I Be Trying This Regimen?

No I will not. For the following non-scientific reasons:

  1. I have a regimen that’s working well for me. (If it ain’t broke…)
  2. I actually like my “unshakeable” fro. As long as it’s fluffy and cotton candy soft, I am happy.
  3. Even if I wanted to do this just to see, this regimen looks like a lot of work. LOL. I have capacity for suffer head but definitely not when it involves getting my hair wet a lot! I’m on that protective styling, low-manipulation P sef, so I’ll pass.

That’s just me though. Do you, boo!

Having stated my stance, I can’t really think of any serious reasons why you shouldn’t try this if you’re interested.

Yes, frequent washing of kinky-curly hair can lead to wear and tear along the hair shaft, and yes, there is such a thing as over moisturising.

BUT, if you want to try the Maximum Hydration Method, go ahead! I’ve seen before and after photos (here), read testimonials, it’s working for others, perhaps it could work for you too. I’ve also seen some MHM videos on YouTube & Facebook and those curls look healthy! This for me is the most important thing- defined or undefined, poppin’ or nah, please keep your curls healthy! And try not to get hung up. Curly or not, our kinks are beautiful! ❤

I no dey for this one, but MeeMee is. She has pasted the steps on her wall lol and will be trying the MHM. Soon enough, she’ll tell us her MHM story! 🙂

So, what do you think ladies? Yes or No? If you’re an #MHM fan already, I’m really genuinely interested in learning more about the effects of this regimen on your hair. What if you stop doing the regimen? Do your curls continue to pop or they go back to the old state? Why are all the MHM curls in the After shots downward facing? More importantly, are Single Strand Knots truly banished forever? Let’s discuss!






Instagram: maxhydrationmethod

Facebook: The Max Hydration Method

Pinterest: Max Hydration Method

Progress photos: Napturally Curly

47 thoughts on “Maximum Hydration Method, anyone?

  1. Am doing the MHM method and babe it does work. I mistakenly bought the wrong tressemme natural conditioner but i decided to continue. I agree that the regime is stressful, Infact my boyfriend calls it my work out session (lol) because by the time am done am usually panting for air. Anyways since i started the regime my hair is alot softer and i think i have a few curls poping even though its not as much as i would like. Did i mention that i have not picked up a sissor to cut a complex knot since i strted. I still get a little breakage but its soooo not comparable to what i had before.I also tink its expensive as am a copper and my alawee dey finish untop my hair bt hey its d pains u go through to look fine abi :$. Anyways just thought i should let you know.


    • Tolu, I have to give you hand o! Much respect! You do this every 3 days? You’re awesome! Obviously, you have to invest to see results, and when I saw max hydration for type 4, I was immediately interested. But when I came across ‘every 3 days’, I started shaking my head. I would love to have no complex knots, and great curl definition but I can’t pay this price. I’ll message you directly asap (it’s Tami btw)


      • Tami, its been sooo long. How av u been? Anyways its something you should try, even if its weekly. Your hair would be grateful.


  2. I am going to try it o. But I keep looking at it and thinking about the amount of products that will be getting rinsed into the drain everyday. Lol. I’m also wondering if one can go ahead and oil one’s scalp in addition to all of this. Because my scalp cannot be great without oils.


    • You won’t need to oil ur scalp, it wouldn’t give you the best results. As for products, the best thing about this method is that the products are watered down.


    • The only products that get rinsed out every 3 days is the leave in & gel, you need to redo your hair so that it gets the consistent moisture it needs, same as you need to drink water to stay hydrated so does your hair. The CLT is done every 2-4 weeks or less as you progress. You will not need to oil your scalp as it naturally produces oil, your hair will now easily receive the oil from your scalp as they are both clarified regularly and the oil is able to travel down the length of your curls as they are more defined with less kinks.


  3. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for covering MHM on your blog, I was forwarded your link by a lovely lady in Nigeria who is currently doing the regimen. Looking forward to seeing Meemee’s experience with MHM and her thoughts.
    Love your blog btw great resource for naturals and both you ladies have beautiful hair.
    Keep up the great work!
    Ms Dee Kay


  4. I’d love to try this for the simple promise of less tangling! But there’s NO WAY I’m washing my hair every three days. I go 1-2 weeks in between washes. Most days I don’t even touch my hair, just pull it back with a headband or pony tails (whether it’s out or in twists/braids, doesn’t matter) and leave it. I might try this some day when I have time and money, just to see but I’d definitely work with it to try to simplify it.


    • I used to hate having to wash my hair as I dreaded having to deal with the knots and tangles, that has all changed. Washing is now fun, try it, you’ll see 🙂


  5. We were just checking out this methods on saturday…great minds eh. Well I kind of tried a super modified version on saturday, the curls were popping more than usual (especially my lil 4a section) but working in Lagos does not give anyone the time to be doing this every three days. So I think i’ll do the actual treatment on my normal wash days and see whether it helps! The amount of product needed is discouraging though 😦




      • I would love to try this too but it says to start with the cherry lola treatment and I can’t find the products anywhere. What are your thoughts, should I just go ahead the the MHM anyway?


      • Heyy
        I’m far from being an MHM expert
        I put links at the end of the post
        Post your question to the MHM pages on facebook or instagram or leave a comment on MsDeeKay’s blog, and you’d definitely get an answer 🙂


      • Hi, Yes you should, it will still make a huge difference to how moisturised your hair will become. The CLCT is like a kick start to the regime, its a mild protein treatment which will not harm you even if you are protein sensitive. Which ingredients are you having problems finding?


  6. Actually, this is not as tough as it sounds.
    All you need basically are ACV, Bentonite clay, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
    Then wash in the night with ACV and apply Kinky Curly Knot Today then cover with a cap.

    The hardest part is Bentonite clay which will take some time to completely rinse out. Then apply your Kinky Curly Knot Today and define curls with Curling Custard.

    You know how hair gets soft and curly when it’s wet…this keeps it that way for longer.

    The other alternative is just keeping the hair moisturised by using good products. As time goes on, the curls start popping.
    That’s what happened to my curls and my sisters’. I’m also noticing it in clients hair at the salon when they come in regularly for their deep treatments.

    See photos on Instagram @nappilynigeriangirl

    Since you’ve been detangling during the 7 days, you will have less of the dreaded tangles to deal with as time goes on.


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  8. This method is not expensive and or hard or long. There are five step. You do two at night (clarifying and conditioning…both require that you simply put the product in your hair with a cap on to let sit and you can be on your way to do other things) then you finish the last 3 steps the next day which is the clay….let it sit 15 minutes (you can brush your teeth and wash the news while you let it sit) and then leave in and gel can be put in after wards at the same time. It takes commitment and effort but their is nothing long or hard about this. It can be a little expensive with the conditioner and gel..but if you’re lucky you can pick a cheap brand like tresseme natural which is approved for this method and is only 5 to 6 dollars and as your hair get more hydrated you can switch to making your own flaxseed gel that is only couple of cents a pound. I mean it t


    • I agree. I actually complete steps 4/5 in the mornings since I have two boys to get ready. I already had the gel and I purchased trader Joe’s tea tree conditioner for under $4. So with the new purchases I spent $15 ( yogurt, clay, conditioner). I’m on day four and feeling good about it so far.


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  11. I’m currently doing the MHM. I’m on cycle 2 of the regimin. I did the method 3 days straight (Fri, Sat, Sun) and waited until the following Friday to continue. I don’t believe you have to follow the steps everyday for 7 day and every 3 day afterwards. I saw results the first day of my regimen. I think if you keep you hair moisturizer btw wash days by spritze water/ conditioner mix every morning and doing the roll method at night to maintain your curls you can do this method!

    Check out my IG: panamakinks for my results.


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