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Story, Story! Story!!

One blessed day, I twisted my hair with a crazy load of home-made Flaxseed Gel. I’m quite heavy handed with products. Nothing like dime size in my book LOL but clearly, I have to add flaxseed gel to the short list of exceptions. Two days later, I unraveled with the hopes of having a bomb twist out BUT, it was a tragedy. I had some definition alright, but I had lots of flakes on my hair (not scalp). White, grey, brown, I’m not sure what the exact colour of the annoying things was, but it was totally unacceptable.

I was running late for CDS though, so I had to think fast. After being frantic, I decided to wear a turban for the first time in a long while. Super chic, and your hair is completely protected from the elements, or tucked out of sight, whatever your motive. #Winning!

I promised Rachel I’d do a tutorial, and its been a whole month since then! *covers face* I finally got round to making a quick video (2 minutes!) showing how I tie my turban, you can see it below. I hope it looks as easy as it actually is. Super easy. My scarf dimensions: 35 x 35 inches.

On YouTube, this video is best viewed full screen. Appaz, recording with an iPhone in the normal vertical position is a bad idea. When uploaded, you have to rotate it if you aren’t viewing it on iTunes, and then the videos are long and skinny like the phone screen. No bueno. 😦 I hope it’s helpful still? Let me know!

Hm. Now that I look at it. The result in the video is slightly different from that in this photo. This is because my hair was bigger on the day of the first photo, and I didn’t have much of a “flap” to work with that day as the scarf had a lot more hair to cover. If you’re wondering what flap I speak of, please watch the video and thumbs up, share, subscribe if you like! 🙂

cheese!! :D

cheese!! 😀

If I remember correctly, I purchased this scarf at Le Petit Marche in 2011. 1500 Naira well spent!

Note-to-self: I need more scarves.




Video shot by my ever helpful roommate F, with an iPhone 5S and edited with Windows Movie Maker. 🙂

P.S. I’m a JJC to this business of vlogging. As always, your comments and tips are welcome! 🙂

P.P.S. I don’t know if you care, but just because I always want to ask “What color/shade is that?” when I see brown girls rocking colour, lippie information is as follows:

MAC Heroine (top photo) and MAC Ruby Woo (bottom photo)

21 thoughts on “Turbanista!

  1. Nice video. Well done.
    I would comment on the length of distracting thighs #nohomo (but that’s none of my business). Lol.

    Nice video dear. Will subscribe


  2. Awww your maiden video 😃 It was good, I didn’t have the long, skinny vid issue (maybe my samsung) so that’s good. Love the turban and you’re pretty!


  3. I loved the tutorial. I’ve seen so many lovely people wearing turbans and I’ve been wanting to know how they do it…because the times I’ve tried to wing it always ended up looking like rubbish. Next time I’ll use your video 🙂


  4. I am a huge turban freak! I use all sorts of materials, cotton, lame, silk anything long enough to twirl around into a decent shape on my head and I’m game! I love the mix of colours going on with your outfit and turban: tres chic!


  5. I love your scarf and your turban! I always use turbans as a go-to for a quick bad hair fix or hair-is-wet-and-drying-and-I-still-want-to-go-out-in-public-and-look-appropriate lol, anyway, headwraps are the perfect way to do that. Thanks for the vid!


  6. I just wanted to say that I loved your wrap, its really pretty with your red lip stick. For the flaxseed gel I have noticed if I don’t add oils to the flaxseed gel after its strained and hot, I get horrible flacks too. Adding oils to it helped me, if your using the 1/4 cup to 2 cups recipe, 2 tsp oils will work.


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