Curls Popping! My (Short-lived) Second Perm Rod Set


Hello loverssssss!

How is the going going?

If you follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter (wait, why aren’t you following us?! JK, social media links are at the bottom) SO. As I was saying. If you follow us, you kind of know what we have been up to, what I did with my hair this weekend.

I wanted curls, so I thought I’d get a perm rod set that would last me all week. It did not last all week, but it lasted me long enough to go to church, and go on my date thereafter. Good enough for me. 🙂

It’s really not a long story. Continue reading

Mini-Twists: Fight The Frizz!

Hello beautifuls!

What’s good with you & your tresses?

I take my mini-twists down tonight. It has been a very good run, 5 weeks and two days. My 7 year old cousin called me out on Easter Sunday for wearing the same hair for as long as he could recently remember. I asked him to please sponsor my next hair and he really said he would if he could, LOL

This is a big deal for me because last year, I would not have thought this possible. I called mini-twists my Love-Hate Thing. I make some very nice twists if I do say so myself, so I enjoy marveling at my handwork when I’m done and my arms are protesting. I really wasn’t comfortable with wearing mini-twists because:
1. I don’t think wearing them at this present length does anything for my shape of face.
2. The frizz!! I know frizz is a big part of the natural life and while I do embrace it sometimes, it’s annoying to put a huge effort in styling and have your hair frizzing so soon after.

Before this, the longest I’d been able to wear mini-twists was 2 and a half weeks, let’s approximate to say 3. And even then, I wasn’t so happy about it. I felt like I needed to compensate with makeup.

This time around though, I fell in love LIKE with my twists. I still maintain that this length isn’t doing anything for my face shape, but they have kept well and aged well.


Day 1. Almost done.

Week 3

Week 3


Week 5

Week 5

I was determined to wear my twists for four weeks with no excuses, in a minimal-frizz condition that I would be comfortable rocking. If you’d like this too, here’s how:

1. Start on Clean Hair.

I always style on clean hair. Always always. Because if I don’t, I feel like my hair is already stale. Plus, my scalp WILL itch and I’d be tempted to wash and I did not want to give myself any excuses. At all.

2. Dry Stretched Hair For The Win!

I prefer to style when my hair is dry. Shrinkage is inevitable but I try to stretch my luck anyway. Also, with curly styles I’ve found that I have less frizz when I style dry, so I decided to apply that to my twists as well. I washed my hair, moisturised & sealed and put it in about 10 chunky twists. When the hair was completely dry the next day, I began to twist.

3. Sections & Small Twists. 

I took down one chunky twist, twisted all the hair from that, and moved on to the next. I sectioned my hair slightly smaller than usual, and twisted that way.

4. Start With a Braid. 

Typically, I like to start twists as twists. If I go to a salon and the stylist starts twists (with extensions) as a braid, I’m judging her. And I will complain. Invisible root method please. However, with twists with my own hair, the base easily gets puffy, even if I start my twists very tightly. So this time, I decided to start by braiding. Because it’s my hair and not extensions, except you stare at my scalp (and how would you do that?) you won’t see the braided base. I didn’t do it for long, just enough to keep the twists anchored. I think they’re the reason my roots stayed intact for longer.

5. Satin Bonnet DO & DON’T

I covered my twists at night with my satin bonnet. However, in the day time, when I was home, I kept it off. Just like wearing a hair net, if you wear a satin bonnet all day, for a few days, your scalp will protest and start to stank. Yes. Let it breathe!

6. Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Self explanatory right? Too much touch-touch = frizz

7. Abstain from Moisture

LOL did you just pause to give me the side-eye? I did not spritz my hair with water at all. To go into the shower, I always wore a shower cap. I prevented my hair from enjoying the nice juicy steam, but I believe it was for a good cause. A few times in the last 2 weeks though, I used my lovely Shea Moisture Mousse to moisturise.

Why No Water?
Moisture keeps our hair supple and elastic, but when it comes to maintaining styles, it can be a frenemy. Moisture helps hair to be nice and soft and easy to manipulate, but it also brings frizz. Plus, I wasn’t wearing my hair loose, so elasticity wasn’t my concern.

To make up for this, I will most definitely give my hair a super super super Washday tomorrow. Starting with an overnight pre-poo with Coconut Oil.

8. Secure Your Ends With a Twirl!

To keep the ends of my twists from unraveling, I always twirl them around my finger like a finger coil. It’s a nice finish, and serves its purpose. For this, may dab a little more product (a pomade or butter) to my ends.

9. Scalp Massages!

After 5 weeks guys, my hair doesn’t smell bad! It’s odourless. Last week, I tried cleaning my scalp with witch hazel astringent on cotton wool & the wool didn’t return dirty. It was like cleaning my make-up free face at the end of the day. Just a liiiiittle bit dirty. How was I able to keep my scalp relatively clean? Scalp massages. I did them frequently with castor oil. A few times each week just because, and also for when it was really hot and sweaty & my scalp itched. I simply poured a little oil into the centre of my palm, and greased my fingertips with it. Then I rubbed it on my scalp very seriously with fingertips only. No nails!

When I was done massaging, I passed my oiled hands over my hair for shine. Castor oil is a humectant so I’d like to think it helped me absorb a little moisture.

10. Mental Preparation, VERY Key. 

This should have been the first thing I said. Nothing I tried with these twists was new to me but I wasn’t inspired to apply myself until I was determined to stop complaining and see the mini-twists through this time. What’s the point of protective styling or putting all this effort into twisting if you take down your style after a week or two?

So that’s all from me guys. How do YOU fight frizz? What are you struggling with? What have you recently overcome? Any more questions about these twists, feel free to ask! 🙂




Feeling Myself, Feeling Myself…

IMG_6356 IMG_6353 IMG_6358 IMG_6354 IMG_6351

I took my Fro to the Nature’s Gentle Touch Hair Institute yesterday, and she got some serious TLC. I will have a review of the experience by next week, but these are photos of the beauuuutiful updo I was styled. My hair was blown out first. Ruth, the lovely stylist I was assigned helped take them.

(I schedule my posts ahead so) As I write this I’m still in bed so I haven’t taken my satin bonnet off to see if I didn’t destroy it in my sleep! LOL

Friday Hairspiration will be back soon. If you’d like to share your natural or transitioning hair story, do leave us a note:

Have a great day everyone & Happy Valentine’s in advance! ❤




An Aha! Moment : Comb-Free Fro

Helluurr babies!

You know how they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”? Recently I was reminded of the truth in this statement.

Last Thursday, I just didn’t know what to do with my hair, but I needed to go out and I didn’t even have a headscarf to match my outfit. I had no choice but to get in there like a true gladiator.

How I Set Myself Up

See, the day before, I had lost a lot of hair trying to brush my hair into the perfect halo. After 20 minutes of brushing, I still didn’t achieve “perfection”, so please ask me why I even bothered! For the rest of the day, the lost hair kind of haunted me. After doing all that damage in the day, at night I still had the mind to be too lazy to twist (on the bright side, I wore a satin bonnet!) so Thursday morning, I woke up with a flat, very shrunken, super DRY and tangled mess.

I was conflicted. Whenever I don’t know what to do with my hair, I just ‘fro it. I could have shut my eyes and let Wednesday repeat itself, but I could not BEAR to even look at my comb or brush. Any comb activists in the building? *In Stacy Dash’s voice* Combs and brushes don’t cause breakage, kinky girls cause breakage when they use combs. Meh. So, after standing in front of the mirror for minutes waiting for a sign, I decided to tackle the dryness first.

How I Made It Out

In sections, I spritzed my hair with water, applied a lot of my Cantu leave-in, chunky twisted, and went into the shower- to let it soak in [like seasoninggg]

By the time I was done getting dressed and doing a little makeup, my hair was super soft again. Yay!

I just stood there. I still couldn’t bring myself to reach for the comb. Next thing, I saw myself using my fingers. Like I actually didn’t know when I processed the thought, it was super spontaneous. When I say I saw myself, I really mean it. I was already putting my fingers through each section from ends to roots, detangling as I went, in a shingling motion (the way people do Wash N’ Gos) before my consciousness caught up with the girl in the mirror like ohhh that’s what we are doing! I did this over and over until I was happy with the outcome. I held the left side back a little with a styling comb.

Filter of life LOL

Filter of life LOL

[I’ve said this before: Youtube videos aren’t helpful to me when I need them right away. So I’ve taken to watching them for entertainment, as I’d watch the Food Network or any other How-To channel or even Telemundo sef, no pressure. I’m not trying to study these girls but somehow, their lessons are embedded in my mind, and come to the surface when I desperately need them. Isn’t it amazing how the brain works?]

It was my first time ever shingling and I loved the result. Honestly I was in disbelief for a while. Like, my fingers did this? So why the heck do I keep using combs and brushes? I even noticed some curls in the back standing out, they were clumping! Clumping! Few things give my 4C curls natural definition, so maybe I should look into this shingling thing? Wash N’ Go next, like the curlier girls do? I wish I could have taken photos but, it was a super busy day and I had to be out the door.

This is the end of the story guys. I happily went about my day, comb-less. Few strands were lost. The lesson from this is, Maybe I SHOULD ditch my comb and dear detangling brush. Because the truth is, I usually use them when I’m in a hurry and you know how that goes. Unnecessary breakage.

P.S. If you’re going to try this sometime, know thy leave-in. My good old Cantu is very moisturising but it takes a while to absorb. When I left the house, my hair was white, but I knew it would dry before I arrived at my destination, 20 minutes away.

And oh, here’s a quick Shingling tutorial below. It’s really simple, you just repeatedly rake your fingers through slightly wet hair with product in it. Most tutorials have the naturals working with soaking wet hair, but as I said, I simply spritzed with water, didn’t soak my hair in it.

Alright guys. Have you had any Aha! moments lately? Do you shingle your hair? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂




Love-Hate Thing: Mini Twists


Ah. Mini twists.

In the last two, three weeks I’ve asked myself- Am I really about this life, this mini-twist life?

I just learnt to twist properly this year so, I’m still very excited about the fact that the fact that my hands can make these salon standard twists. Love.

I know this is unrealistic but, I like my hair looking like Day 1 Hair all the time. Ko poss. Impossicant. Not possible. And by day 3, I’m hating them kind of over my twists, not wanting to be seen with them. ( ._.) To my eyes, they look rough but then I reassure myself that to other people’s eyes, they look fine.

Day 5 hair.

Day 5 hair.

More often than not, I go about makeup free. But at this length, I feel like I need makeup. Something to say, no I’m not a kid- yes, my hair is deliberate! Compensating? It be like that sometimes.

Mini-twists are great for when you just don’t have the time and can’t be bothered to do your hair. I have the time, but man, I’m not in the mood to fuss over my fro. Very low maintenance! Mini twists are a very protective style, and make for super defined twist outs that last when you untwist them after some days. Like my twist out yesterday was SO bomb!

My twist out was 7 hours old in this picture. Look at that definition!

Loosened my twists after a week. My twist out was 7 hours old in this picture. High Definition!

I’m whining about it now, but I know that when I wash my hair at the end of the week, there’s a 90% chance that I’ll put my hair back in twists. LOL.

Oh well.

As I said, it’s a love-hate thing.

Over to you. What’s your love-hate thing?