BRING IT ON! KCCM Castor Oil Challenge!

The Summer 2013 Castor Oil Challenge on Kinky Curly Coily Me starts in a few days. I just registered, my best friend registered already and I’d like you to join us. 😀

June 1- Sept 1 2013: Summer Castor Oil Challenge

Hey, don’t look away! It’s not because you’ve seen the word ‘CHALLENGE’. I saw it before and looked away but thanks to Tunrie who sent the link to me, I had to finally go see what it was about.

It’s really simple. All that is required is that you put Castor oil on your hair or scalp at least 3 times a week, for three months. Not too much to ask, is it?

It doesn’t matter if you’re natural, relaxed, have your hair out, have locs or you’re weaved up, you can participate. You can do more with the oil of course, but the Challenge requires the minimum: OIL ON SCALP/ HAIR. That is all. Lift your weave three times a week and oil the spaces between your tracks. I myself plan to get on some Protective styling till August. No excuses, we can do this!!


Jenell the founder of KCCM has gorgeous hair and she LOVES Castor Oil, swears by it- hence this challenge. Yes, there are so many factors that affect hair growth BUT it is her belief that consistent use of Castor oil in a healthy hair regimen WILL yield results. Look how good her hair is. I’m trusting her lol.


Apparently, Castor oil is also popularly used as a laxative so you could check for it in that section of a pharmacy near you. I haven’t seen Castor Oil in any pharmacy near me, so I’ll be getting mine from Natural Nigerian. Sizzelle, Vanity Oils, Kinky Apothecary and others have Castor for you- if you want to get in touch, find their deets here.


To encourage us and keep us accountable, all participants are going to have to register on the site before June 7. Again, chill. It’s really simple. Just go on this page– read the Instructions and FAQs- and then answer a few questions in the comments- simply saying which type of Castor you’ll be using, how often you plan to use and how long your hair is right now.

Also in the spirit of encouragement and accountability, you’ll have to check-in on Saturdays, respond to a few questions. You don’t have to- but to be eligible for the grand prize, you must check-in at least 9 times throughout the 3 month challenge.

Yes. The grand prize. If hair growth isn’t enough to be excited about, there’s a grand prize of an assortment of Shea Moisture products worth $100 to inspire you.

Are you excited? Go get your Castor Oil and register!! You’ve got nothing to lose! Whooop #teamGoodHair

Till next time,




P.S.  Do not neglect your hair during the challenge. Just make this addition to the healthy hair regimen you’re already on.

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