Product Review: Brazen Curls, The Entire Line!

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Hey, hey, hey guys!

Back in 2013, I got some products from Midas Naturals. I loved the healthy butter in particular, and I reviewed it here.

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant in life is change, and since then, the brand has been through some changes. Currently, they have a new line of products- Brazen Curls, and they sent it to me towards the end of last year to review. I have used them, and so has MeeMee, so, here I am with our unbiased views on the products.

This is not a sponsored post. Though made in the UK, Midas Naturals is owned by a Nigerian woman, so it gives us great joy that these products are quality stuff, and we definitely think you should know about them. Continue reading

DIY: Flaxseed Gel!

What is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed (Also known as linseed) comes from the fibre crop, Flax. It is rich in Vitamin B1, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, dietary fibre and then some. Some call it a wonder food (no surprise, it lowers the risk of cancer), and it can be used for a little sustainable vanity too, to make hair gel! 🙂

For more about the benefits of this flaxseed for your health and hair, please go here, here, and here. There are two types- brown and golden brown- but the brown seed is more nutritious.


I got my golden brown linseed when I was in Lagos for Easter, from Fig Health Store. Contact deets are down, at the end of the post.

This 250g pack cost me 900 naira. Fig Health Store is also on online retailer, Buyam. Did you know? Delivery on Buyam is free nationwide! Love Buyam!

– Flaxseed
– Water
– For straining, a Sieve and A Pair of Tongs (or improvise)
– Storage containers

It’s really simple. I used a yogurt cup to measure my flaxseed. Some instructions I saw online said ½ cup flaxseed to 2 cups water, so I tried that ratio but no, that wasn’t working out.


So I used this cup of yogurt and 3 cups water at first, but when it got too thick, I added about 500ml of water. Just be intuitive about your mixing, go with the flow.

1. Put your flaxseed in a pot, add water and leave to boil.


2. Do not cover the pot! This is important. I covered the pot and came back to see my gel that wasn’t up to half the pot had boiled over. A lot of gel wasted on my stove top.

3. Stir from time to time to make sure that the flaxseed does not stick to the sides or the bottom of the pot.

4. Wait until you see the mucus. Lol sorry to use the word. At first, my mix got real thick and sticky, so I tried to strain. Nope. E no work. Then I went back to watch Naptural85 and I saw that she waited for some substance to congeal. See it here:


When this happened, my gel was the right consistency. Not too watery, but not too thick either.


5. Okay, now your gel is the right consistency, time to strain. Pantyhose is ideal, and I think one of those 200 naira mesh sieves (the ones with the same flimsy net as you’d see on some wooden kitchen doors) should be perfect too. I didn’t have either, so I improvised with a handkerchief. I placed it over a bowl and poured in the gel.


A pair of tongs would be perfect to help with the squeezing, but I had none, so I used a spoon to squeeze against the fabric to release more of the gel. And to squeeze the last of it, I used my hands. Never again! If you don’t have Agonyin hand, don’t try it! It’s really hot! (duh)


6. Store your gel, wash up and you could also store your seeds to use another time.




This was my first time making flaxseed and I think it was a success. You can add Vitamin E oil (it’s a natural preservative), to keep your gel in good condition. Refrigerate, and it should last you 2 weeks. So, don’t make too much, or when you do, pour your friends some. You can also add your favourite essential oils for their properties and fragrances.

My gel made enough for like 3 uses. I didn’t have any containers though, so I’m sad to say I wasted what I did not use. I don’t plan to use gel anytime soon, so it didn’t make sense to try to store it.

On the same day I made the gel, I used it to 3-strand twist on blow dried hair. I used SO much, I guess I just went ham because I read that flaxseed is moisturising.

I unravelled the twists when dry, and I had very defined curls in fact too defined, but the flaking was crazy! Not scalp flaking oh, I mean flaking on my hair. So bad I had to wash. I’ll properly review flaxseed gel after a couple more uses. For now, I’d just say, go easy on your flaxseed when you use it. Use it as you would use normal store-bought gel.

Oh, here’s the Naptural85 video I mentioned. I love Whit’s tutorials!! 🙂

Ever tried this, ladies? Let’s talk! 🙂


Fig Health Store
Emma Abimbola Cole Street, off Fola Osibo,
Opposite a blue house, Lekki Phase 1.
Twitter: @FigHealthStore

Product Review: CeCees Curls Pineapple Whipped Shea Butter

CeCees Curls is a young Nigerian small business, based in Abuja. Today, I’m reviewing their Pineapple Whipped Shea Butter.

I know the tub says "guava", but I got a pineapple sample.

I know the tub says “guava”, but my Pineapple sample (which matters) was inside.

First Impressions:

The smell? Yummy. And it’s good to know that with the exception of the pineapple fragrance, all the ingredients are natural and edible. I was one of those kids who tried chalk, powder and soap so I wouldn’t entirely put tasting it past me. O_o Just kidding. I’m a growwwn woman now. ( ._.)

The card it came with was also a pretty nice touch! 🙂


Shea butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Pineapple Fragrance.

I got to know this in a note.


In future, it’d be nice for CeCees Curls to have the ingredients listed on the tub, or at least a broad description- “Shea butter enriched with penetrating oils and humectants…” Something like that.

Let’s Get To It

I’ve only tried one other whipped butter in my life and it was a little too light for me. I like to use shea on my lips and sometimes body. I even mixed a little of this one day with some castor oil to give myself a much needed massage so you can understand why I prefer the heavier texture of CeCees Curls.


This butter is not as thick as raw shea (duh, because its been whipped!) but it isn’t too light. I don’t know if you can see what I’m saying here.


I used this alone for my 3 strand twist out which you saw or you can see in this post, and my hair was soft for a week, from Friday to Thursday! I didn’t need to spritz my hair with water to refresh. And note that I didn’t use any leave-in conditioner. I just used the whipped butter to twist on damp freshly washed hair. I honestly don’t know if this is because my hair is in such a good place right now, or because of the humectants in the whipped butter. I’m thinking it’s more of the latter, but maybe I’ll try again with raw shea later, when I take my kinky twists out, to definitively compare results.

I’m not one of those naturals who praise shea butter like it’s the ultimate hair elixir. No shade! It’s just my low po-ro-si-ty! From past experiences, (raw) shea butter is an okay sealant, that’s all; Which is why I’m inclined to believe the humectants in this whipped butter kept my low-porosity hair moisturised.

Would I buy this?

I aspire to be a mixtress someday. Till I gather myself to make my own whipped butter, yes, I’d be happy to buy me some CeCees Curls!

A Little Story

One month after my re-chop, I met Neku, the madam behind CeCees Curls at Capital Naturals 1 (November 2012). CeCees Curls was still a dream. Everyone was making small talk outside at the product stands, and she told me she was thinking about starting a shea butter business, and wanted to know if I’d be interested in that kind of thing. And I was like yes, if it’s good, why not?

More than a year later, I got an email from CeCees Curls asking if I’d like to try their whipped butter. I said Yes. It was only after days of going back & forth to choose the flavour I wanted to try/ arrange delivery that I looked at the Google+ profile and it occurred to me that she was the one I’d talked to at the meetup!

It made me very happy to know she followed her plans through, and it’s even better that I’ve tried it, and I actually like it!

When was the last time you thought about your dreams? The last time you took a step in their direction? Let this inspire you in a small or big way today, to get going!


You can get CeCees Curls in Abuja, in a variety of other flavours. I also got a whiff of some of them and I think the Hazelnut may be my fave!

Connect with them on Twitter @ceceescurls and Instagram @ceceecurls, and to order, you can:

1. Call 07052809468 

2. Email- or

3. BBM: 332E7A1A

If you’ve tried any of CeCees Curls butters, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!